How to get a DP unlimited certificate? (NEW NI scheme)

This article is for all prospective DPOs who want to clarify the main phases of the new training scheme. The updated training scheme took effect on January 1, 2015. If you completed a DP Basic course before the new training scheme took effect, you have to follow the old certification scheme:

Dynamic Positioning training scheme till 1st January 2015

Dynamic Positioning training scheme till 1st January 2015

The Nautical Institute have reviewed the training scheme for DPO’s. Main changes to the DP Offshore training scheme are as follows:

  1. The training scheme has been divided into five phases (A-E).
  2. The number of DP sea time days following a DP Basic course has been increased to 60 days.
  3. Seaman must complete an online examination following a DP Advanced (Simulator) course.
  4. You need a minimum of 60 DP sea time days (after obtaining a DP Advanced certificate) onboard a certified class 2 or 3 DP vessel to qualify for a DP Unlimited certificate (DP full).
  5.  You have only 4 years to apply for a DP Unlimited certificate from the date of a DP Basic course. If you do not complete the training within the 4 years, you must send a request to The Nautical Institute for instructions.
  6. You need to have Company confirmation letters of all DP sea time days.

The updated training scheme looks like:

DPO certification

Dynamic Positioning training scheme from the 1st January 2015

The old scheme and its policies will remain valid for those who started training before the 1st January 2015. All trainee DPOs who started the training scheme before January 2015 will have their training assessed on the old DPO certification scheme rules.

Trainee DPOs who start the training scheme from the 1st January 2015 (i.e. Induction course) will carry on training under the criteria and conditions set up for the new training scheme.

For full details of the new scheme you can visit website for The Nautical Institute – click here

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