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Offshore crane operator. Stage 2
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  Date Time Cost  
On request 08:30 to 17:00 USD 2 100.00  * Book online
* Payment in UAH equivalent, according to the commercial exchange rate on the payment date


Designed to suit personnel with Stage 1 and further experience under supervision or with proven verifiable experience, the course covers advanced knowledge and demonstration of operating ability.  Successful completion enables delegates to carry out deck lifts unsupervised.


This course "Offshore crane operator. Stage 2" is certified
by Bureau Veritas certification company.



1) Introduction

  • Instructor/trainee 
  • Training Centre Emergency Procedures 
  • Appraisal of delegate experience

2) Legislation/ACOP/Guidance Notes/Standards

  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 
  • S.I. 2307 Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 
  • Other supporting legislation and Standards

3) Crane (General)

  • Cranes types and differences
  • Principles of stability 
  • Simple mechanics applicable to cranes 
  • Converted cranes 
  • Purpose built pedestal cranes 
  • Transmission systems 
  • Control systems 
  • Speed and power limitations 
  • Safety devices

4) Safe Load Indicators/Rated Capacity Indicators

  • MIPEG 
  • Weighload / Wylie 
  • Ekco 
  • Pat 
  • Others

5) Crane Operation

  • Pre-start checks 
  • Pre-operational checks 
  • Checks during operation  
  • Emergency procedures 
  • Practical problems

6) Wire Ropes 

  • Construction and specification 
  • Wear and deterioration, maintenance 
  • Inspection and tests

7) Safe Working Loads/Working Load Limits

  • Capacity charts 
  • Static loads 
  • Dynamic conditions 
  • Shock loads 
  • Wind speeds and pressures 
  • Factors affecting lifting capacity

8) Service and Support Vessels

  • Sea-states and weather conditions 
  • “Snatch” lifting 
  • Basic terminology

9) Lifting Equipment and Typical Loads

  • Safe use of slings, shackles, cargo nets, personnel baskets 
  • Weight estimation and conversion

10) Maintenance General/First Line

  • Principles 
  • Operator knowledge 
  • Logs and records


  • Pre-operational checks 
  • Operational/function tests 
  • System checks 
  • Shutdown procedures 
  • Load movement 
  • Height and distance judgment 
  • Simultaneous multi-function control 
  • Use of personnel baskets 
  • Deployment and recovery of bulk hoses


Theoretical Questionnaire
Pre-determined practical exercises


Personnel with Stage 1 and further experience under supervision or with proven verifiable experience on marine crane (40 hours), seamen's book


3 days

Number of participants

Maximum 3


The course will be conducted in English or Russian depending on the customer's request.