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The target group is personnel that are, or could be, working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas.
The training covers the personal emergency response, characteristics of hydrogen sulphide gas and the potential physiological effects of exposure as well as the use of H2S detection equipment and "escape breathing apparatus" trainings.


This course "Basic Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) training" is certified
by Bureau Veritas certification company.

This course "Basic Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) training"
is approved by OPITO


  • What is it H2S, how H2S is created/formed.
  • Areas where H2S is commonly found
  • The properties and characteristics of H2S gas
  • The physiological effects of H2S gas and the critical factors which determine the degree of harm to humans
  • The occupational/workplace exposure limits (OEL/WEL) of H2S. Common definitions. Measurements.
  • The purpose and types of H2S detection equipment. Onsite & personal detection equipment. Pre-use checks & operation.
  • Alarm systems and actions to be taken in response to alarms
  • The purpose and type of emergency breathing apparatus (EBA, SCBA)
  • Pressurised cascade air supply system. Connections / disconnections.
  • The role of ER teams in an H2S emergency
  • H2S awareness quiz
  • Practice exercise
  • De-briefing


The aims and objectives of the training are to ensure that the delegate gains the required knowledge and understanding of the particular hazards and properties of H2S, and appropriate emergency response actions to take should a H2S related incident arise.

Admission Requirements

There are no prerequisites required for Basic H2S Training.
The participant must possess a valid, current offshore medical certificate or possess an operator approved medical certificate or undergoes medical screening.


3 hours

Number of participants

Maximum 8


The course will be conducted in English.


Every 2 years