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Subsea Crane Operations
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Please, make Your payment for the reservation of the course not later than 2ábankingádays before the start of the course

ááDate Time Cost á
On request 08:30 to 17:00 USD 2 000.00 á* Book online
* Payment in UAH equivalent, according to the commercial exchange rate on the payment date

The course is designed to give students knowledge, understanding and skills within various subsea crane operations. This will be achieved through a set of intensive exercises on a full scale crane simulator, with theoretical sessions and instructions.áThe theoretical part covers various types of load charts, external forces on loads and crane, various operation modes, procedures and basic understanding of subsea crane operations. The practical part includes operation scenarios at berth and in open sea during various weather conditions. Courses can be personalised to suit company specific needs/procedures.


This course "Subsea Crane Operations" is certified
by Bureau Veritas certification company.



Target Group

  • Senior and junior ship officers on board a multipurpose vessel
  • Key personnel involved in subsea lift operations (on/offshore)
  • Offshore personnel with crane lift experience

Course content

  • Operate a subsea craneá
  • Introduction of forces affecting lifts through the whole lifting operation
  • Use of crane tugger winches
  • Use of active / passive heave compensation
  • Planning of lifting operations
  • Introduction of anti-heeling system
  • UHF/VHF Communications

The objective

The objective of the course is to give students as much practical experience in the shortest possible time by running them through intensive simulator and theoretical training to increase skills and knowledge in various subsea crane operations.

Admission Reqirements

Participants must have a COC, seaman's book, valid medical certificate.


3 days

Number of participants

Maximum 3


The course will be conducted in English or Russian depending on the customer's request.