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While most of Maritime trainings which are being given to seafarers
are focused on Hard Skills and are conventional as aimed at
compliance with standard procedures. However, they do not affect seafarers’ core values and believes which are essential part of their mentality and behavior. Lack of soft skills trainings for seafarers and office personnel leads to break up in communication chain, misunderstanding and mistrust as consequences to even more serious troubles.

In order to fill up this gap we suggest LIFE AT SEA. FUNDAMENTALS a tailored coaching programme which is focused on delivering a Company’s corporate culture enabling seafarers to achieve best performance especially when facing challenging situations. Instead of just equipping seafarers with technical knowledge and skills as usual training course do, this method of coaching seeks to guide the seafarer to reflect critically, and responsibly, on their own performance on board. This programme is bespoke model which incorporates the Company’s values and procedures into the process.


Good leaders drive performance further.  They are an enabling force, helping people and organisations to perform at the highest level. Our advanced leadership course is designed to let the participants reflect over their own personality, social skills and leadership style to enhance their competencies to go beyond compliance and include soft skills that enable them to handle the high demands of leadership.  The course also includes tools to help identify depression and potential suicide and to convey bad news onboard.


  • Recap of basic leadership
  • Implementation of Company’s SMS
  • My own management style
  • Cross-cultural competencies
  • Conflict Management styles
  • EQ and self-development
  • Resilience
  • Leadership in crisis
  • Breaking bad news onboard
  • Suicide warning sign
  • Organizing peer-support


8 hours


Maximum 12 participants


English or Russian depending on the customer's request.