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Crew Resource Management in an Offshore Environment


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Even today 70 - 90% of accidents are due to human factors.
The goal is to learn why these failures occur and thereby to stop them before they happen.


This course "Crew Resource Management in an Offshore Environment" is certified
by Bureau Veritas certification company.


  • Human Factors
  • Communication, Perception and Assertiveness
  • Stress, Complacency, Distraction and Fatique.
  • Planning and Pilot Integration
  • Resource Management, Decision Making, Leadership and Team Work.
  • Case studies and simulator exercises as a learning tool to backup / illustrate the theory
  • Bridge Team Management, as recommended in STCW 95, Section B - VIII / 2


  • Give participants the theory behind above contents supplied with the use of cases and exercises.
  • Use a bridge- and an engine simulator to show the theory in real life.
  • Stress the participants to get them out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone stretching their social and physical comfort and achieve maximum learning.
  • Teach the participants how to observe and give proper feedback to their colleagues after every simulator exercise using the CRM theory and principals.
  • Make the bridge and the engine team work as one team.

Admission Requirements

No limitation


Three days of theory and two days in the simulator


Maximum 6 participants


The course will be conducted in English or Russian depending on the customer's request.